Registered Business Minnesota U.S.A. - File No. - #813407400022
One of Secondlife's premier and competitive priced virtual estate realtor, Established in November 2011 by the Hearts as a hobby which quickly grew into what we are today. We have a number of full prim regions, homestead regions, openspace regions and mainland regions around the Secondlife grid.

We're proud to offer quality affordable land from residential to commercial, General, Moderate and Adult rated.

Stargazer Estates LLC prides itself on its commitment, honesty and integrity, We are one of the fastest growing estates on the grid today, we aim to be one of the biggest and well known. We are not a here today gone tomorrow kind of estate, nor will be hide behind alt's, facebook or make false declarations on our site with claiming to own over 200 regions, what we claim we actually own, We are a registered legal business in the state of Minnesota U.S.A. and registered with our tax office.
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