Full Prim Regions

Regions are 65,536 Sqm, they have a combined prim allowance of 15,000 and can hold upto 100 avatars.


Homestead Regions

Regions are 65,536 Sqm, they have a combined prim allowance of 3,750 and can hold upto 20 avatars.

Mainland Regions

Regions are 65,536 Sqm, they have a combined prim allowance of 15,000 and can hold upto 40 avatars.
Live in your world ..... Play in ours !!!!!.

Welcome to StarGazer Estates LLC (.:SGE:.)

Established in November 2011 by Dragon Heart and Maddy Heart (DamienThor Resident and Cliffskjira Resident) as a hobby as the land we were leasing closed down, our goal and thought was to offer a safe place in which your home was safe and secure, We quickly grew into what we are today and growing by the month amassing over 50 Regions. We're proud to offer quality land at affordable prices with no nonsense.

Stargazer Estates prides itself on its commitment, honesty and integrity, We are one of the fastest growing estates on the grid today, we aim to be one of the biggest and well known. We are not a here today gone tomorrow kind of estate, nor will be hide behind alt's, face book or make false declarations on our site with claiming to own over 200 regions. What we claim we actually DO own and pay Linden Lab directly, We are a registered legal business in the state of Minnesota U.S.A. and registered with our tax office.

We have a number of Full Prim Regions, Homesteads and Openspace Regions around the Secondlife Grid, With various sized lands to suit everyone's budget and style, from Residential Island plots with protected community water ways, to Commercial, Breedables and Club allowed regions. We also offer a selection of Mainland Parcels at a competitive rate.

You do not need a premium account to rent or own land with us. Our prices are fixed,, we refuse to raise our prices on any current tenant. The price you see is the price you pay. Weekly or Monthly payments in L$ or Paypal (any currency) if you prefer, just speak with a member of our staff about how to pay via paypal. We offer renaming and moving of our regions, even joining to another of our regions at the same rate Linden Lab charge.

Our Guarantee.

  • No premium account is ever needed to rent land with .:SGE:. on parcels or full regions.
  • Full Prim allowance with all our parcels.
  • No hidden charges or extra to pay.
  • * Fixed prices even if Linden Lab raise theirs.
  • Latest servers guaranteed.
  • Full rights to terraform your land to suit your needs
  • 99% of our regions are standalone, no neighboring regions.
  • Ultimate privacy if you require, with mountain dividers on certain regions and plots.

Our Commitment.

  • Relax with peace of mind from our fully trained staff and outstanding management team.
  • Support that actually cares about their tenants and not just their wallets.
  • Weekly training reviews of all staff, so they can keep up to date with latest developments.
  • 24/7 real time monitoring of all Stargazer Estates regions, powered by our very own scanner.
  • We aim to have any issue resolved within 24 hours of being notified.

Tenant Testermonials.

Stargazer Estates are the best people in the world to work with! I had rented off of one that simply sent my meeroos back to me without warning. Stargazers welcomes breedables and anything wrong they are easy to get a hold of and very willing to help! 5 *****s to the Stargazer team !

- LaineyStickley

(Light Heaven)

Directors Specials.

Specials Header

New Tenants Back to school special offer.

Stargazer Fields

Moderate 1/4 Full Prim Residential and Commercial Region with a beautiful grass ground, 16,384 Sqm (128m x 128m) and a 3,750 prim (LI) allowance.

Specials Region Map

Breedables and clubs are permitted on this region, speak to a member of the .:SGE:. team with any questions you may have.

1st 4 weeks rental 4,500L$ per week
(4,895L$ per week after the special)



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Registered Business Number #813407400022
Minnesota U.S.A.